Are your current medications not working?

Our studies offer patients a chance to receive the most innovative medications, some of which are not yet available to the public.  These medications are administered with our patients and their caregivers in mind--we provide a compassionate environment, close physician monitoring, and a network of healthcare providers to help you along the way.

Active Studies include

  • Depression

  • Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

  • Bipolar Disease

  • Migraines

  • ADHD

To see if you qualify for these treatment trials, we encourage you to contact us by email biobehavioralhealth @gmail.com or by calling us at (732) 244-2299. 




In this research study, we will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of an investigational drug for adults who have not adequately responded to antidepressants. When depression symptoms are not adequately relieved with current treatments, it is sometimes said that these are symptoms of "treatment-resistant depression."

All participants enrolled in this study will first receive an FDA approved antidepressant for a period of six weeks. Then, if eligible, the participants will be assigned to one of two groups. One group will begin taking the investigational drug, and the other group will continue taking the approved antidepressant. This part of the study will continue for another six weeks. the chance of begin assigned to either group is 50%, like flipping a coin.

Requirements to Participate

To participate in this research study, YOU MUST:

be experiencing a depressive episode of at least 8 weeks but less than 2 years in length.

be at least 18 years of age

have a history of inadequate relief from depression symptoms from 1 or 2 antidepressants.

The complete list of requirements will be discussed with you by our doctor. During your first visit, the study requirements as well as the potential risks of participation will be explained in detail. Those wishing to be participate after this explanation will be asked to sign a consent form. Next, various questions, tests and examinations will be asked and given to determine the eligibility to participate in the study.


All medical examinations and study drug are provided to qualified participants at no cost. Financial compensation may be provided to those who qualify for such compensation, which will cover time and travel expenses related to the research study. Visit TRDstudy.com for more information or call our office at (732) 244-2299