Are your current medications not working?

Our studies offer patients a chance to receive the most innovative medications, some of which are not yet available to the public.  These medications are administered with our patients and their caregivers in mind--we provide a compassionate environment, close physician monitoring, and a network of healthcare providers to help you along the way.

Active Studies include

  • Depression

  • Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

  • Parkinsons

    Migraines - Current Study - AIMOVIG

To see if you qualify for these treatment trials, we encourage you to contact us by email biobehavioralhealth @gmail.com or by calling us at (732) 244-2299. 



MDD - Otsuka Study

Do you have MDD( Major Depressive Disorder)? If you have major dep/ressive disorder (MDD) and are in a current dep/ressive episode, we invite you to learn more about a research study of an investigational drug that is taken with your current medication.

To pre-qualify for this study you must:

* Be 18-65 years of age

* Have been diagnosed with recurrent MDD

* Be in a current major depressive episode for at least the last 8 weeks.

* Not be experiencing a satisfactory improvement in your symptoms of depression with your current treatment.


All medical examinations and study drug are provided to qualified participants at no cost. Financial compensation may be provided to those who qualify for such compensation, which will cover time and travel expenses related to the research study. \for more information or call our office at (732) 244-2299